More hifi related drivel

Has she suggested the tt and speakers to appease you or are they because she wants some music in the lounge?


Get the “wireless” (i.e. streaming) ones - @unclepuncle has / had a pair.

Throw away wonky hipster vinyl thing.

Had the stand mounted version some years back,still not heard the floorstanding ones.

Dali Zensor 1

Martin Logan Statement…

Small and unfussy about placement. Plus wives love 'em :+1:


I bet those subs don’t integrate properly with the electrostatics.

Some M&K subs would probably work though.

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This. It’s not for background musak.

A bit of both I suspect.

I also suspect that if it turns out to sound good and I get a lot of use from it that the sleeper plan is to then use that as a later argument to get rid of the ‘main system’ and claim that room back for some other use as long as it’s not mine #schemingwoman

Sorted, can’t be seen.


Surely there is only one choice…


What’s the power of the amp and how much for the speakers?

I suspected as much…
I suggest you try and manipulate this situation so you can go for something more mental and satisfying in the man cave.

Something along the lines of:

Involve her in the research for box speakers for the lounge but be dissatisfied with all the possibilities, more on technical grounds than financial. Then find a really expensive option, that at the last moment falls down on technial grounds after she has accepted the idea. At this point you declare that you are very unsure about cluttering the lounge further anyway.

Once it is obvious how much extra you have to spend, put that together with the expected price of your existing speakers and then lie about how much the new replacements will cost. It’s a long game but if you take your time you can save some money for the ‘lie’ and end up with something epic rather than some small box thing which is more for her than you.


Or save time and just say ‘hey, I’ve just bought these’



‘The Prince sorts his hi fi’


Boenicke W5 new if you can afford it.


Sonus Faber. Olympic or Guarneri or whatever. Pretty things.

I think you’ll find all available evidence suggests my methods have some merit.

Just a shame they’re fucking shit

So does mine. Done it many a time :grin:

Grimm Audio LS1


Aren’t those Keith type speakers :laughing: