More like this please

I heard a track on KMHD by Syl Johnson “Everybody Needs Love” that I really liked

I enjoyed his albums Total Explosion and Back For A Taste Of Your Love

Can anyone recommend me more like this please? :thumbsup:

(@vacdac KMHD is awesome btw…not sure if I’ve recommended it to you before? @spacehopper one for you too)

Definitely Otis Clay a fellow Hi Records artist

Garland Green as well

Darondo is a belter - rough and ready at it’s best but Didn’t I is an absolute stunner

Have some fun with the Kent Records they have an endless selection of tremendous soul music. Most of Southern Soul stuff is superb especially the stuff recorded in Muscle Shoals and of course Stax Records

The very mixing desk where all those incredible Stax albums where recorded - had some sex wee at this point

Don’t forget Reverend Al Green !!


I nearly forgot this - a great album

Having a soul night tonight so will dig out more :thumbsup:

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Cheers :thumbsup: I’m planning a soul turbo session :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: