More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)


Definitely carpet in the transporter room

But looks like lino to me on the floor of the bridge:




These are barristers that if they were to enter the fast food industry at the equivalent level of standing they wouldn’t be working in McMurders for minimum wage, they would be working at Dixie Chix southern chicken style fried shit for £5.00 cash in hand.


Barristers are self employed, which I suspect makes the mimium wage non applicable.


Looks like Spock is about to do the hoovering


Nope, the cleaner is clearly coming in the door and they are all staring at her with that “Why have you not finished the hoovering and where’s my tea luv?” look that was eradicated by 1975 in all parts of the UK except Runcorn.


Have an agreement in principle from a mortgage company. First France house purchase just took a big step closer.


Actually, Star Trek is set in a post-scarcity economy :nerd_face:


Is that a thing ? @htm_1968 will be along in a minute to explain, I hope.



Yes, like warp drives and lizard women.


Careful there, warp drives might be fiction but Katie Hopkins is pretty close to a lizard woman…



I for one welcome our new lizard overlords.





Correct :pensive:




Did she borrow your Daisy Duke shorts for that?


Bienvenu !


Lovely as that is, the results of a crash would be to utterly ruin things :frowning:


Any house details for us to drool enviously over?