More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)




Daughter has recently emerged from a slime bath. Some special powder that you put in the bath and it makes it into a bright blue sludge that feels a bit like school tapioca. Nice.


just wait until you have to call out the drain man to unblock you blue sludge filled sewers


They also provided the antidote that made it liquid again


what is this stuff


It’s called Gelli Baff. Have you not seen that adverts on TV? You must be watching the wrong things!


Apparently these are in the Ocado offers for March…


we record channels with adverts on, so we can skip them. The only time I see an advert is on Sky Sports and BT Sports


We’ve had some Picard products from Ocado, they’ve all been shit



Just looked this up. Jesus Christ.

Was it this one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Does it look like the bath in Ghostbusters?



Face meet palm


Gruesome huh? I avoided the glitter stuff assuming that it would have plastic in. But yes, it was basically ectoplasm.


It seems it’s basically the same water-trapping stuff (sodium polyacrylate) they put in disposable nappies.




129 years old today. Opened 4th March 1890 and still holds the record as the world’s longest cantilever bridge.


It’ll look nice when they finish painting it.



Somebody born in ‘33 was 45 in ‘78, is this some sort of record?