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I’m sure that exactly this question has come up before somewhere. But I can’t remember where. Or what the answer was. So I’m reduced to asking it again. A mate phoned me earlier saying he’s resurrecting his old record deck and the cartridge on it is identified only by a logo which looks something like this


Maybe it’s meant to represent a conical stylus sitting on a flat surface ? Anyway, can one of the wise let me know which manufacturer used this logo.

Ta muchly



Are you serious? I’ll pretend you’re not trolling and answer in good faith…



Illuminati confirmed.


“We appreciate that porn isn’t for everybody so we don’t shove it in people’s faces…”



Not trolling. I don’t own a single piece of Linn kit, nor have I ever, and marketing stuff tends to drift by me without sticking. I’m a bit surprised that that’s the answer given how old some of this guy’s stuff is but it would explain why he couldn’t find the answer by wandering through vintage cartridge lists online. At some point a newer cartridge has clearly gone into this old TT, either done by him (and forgotten), or out of kindness/mischief by someone else.

Genuine thanks though :+1:.



Nearest alternative (and the manufacturer of the cartridge) would be this



Yes, he looked at a million Audio Technica symbols apparently.



Your logo

Linn Logo


Yours has the horizontal line that forms the triangle missing. Is that just an error on your part?


Could be. He described it over the phone and I sketched it in MSPaint. He said “like a K lying on its back in a circle”.

EDIT: I just found this



Fake Linn, people




K9 or k18. Can’t remember


K9 (with line)


Weren’t they a rebadged AT 95


my K9 doesn’t have any symbol on the front, also not yellow


It seems there was a Basik, K5, K9 & K18 and they appear to have had various coloured replaceable stylus assemblies. Interesting that the logo varies though.


That’s the Linn Basik (AT93).