More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)




Yes, wouldn’t want to spoil the sport’s image . . . doping cheaters.


we are not fit to stand in their shadows, some people do extraordinary things not expecting any recognition


In the same vein



We need a pig one of those for Lopwell and Settle



Well that’s the scooter boxed up to be returned then.


I always loved Blue Peter.


I’ve put another layer round, so it’s perfectly safe but looks even worse. No self redirecting courier should take it. Fortunately I’ve never come across one of those.


Mark it “other way up” or you be liable.


People’s stupidity never fails to amaze


Cheap skate Guardian using a stock pic. It was a black Jag:)


It’s not even 10am and I’ve already built my first IKEA thingy today.


lucky lucky person

Mr Mavropoulos, president of the International Solid Waste Association, said he was initially angry as staff had not helped him and he missed the flight.

That must be a big job…


And another…


Today is National Napping Day

I hope you are all celebrating it appropriately


If the Tories get away with this then we all need shooting. It’s one of those rare measures that actually means something and isn’t one of those meaningless targets which I’m sure the DH will now try to say in an attempt to rewrite history.

There is a wealth of clinical evidence that isn’t suddenly wrong or untrue, that the mortality rates of the sickest and most at risk are adversely affected when there are delays to triage and treatment in A&E.

Very worrying if they seriously try to abandon this. Just like the 18 week target, they have slipped because this government has strangled spending right across the health sector and tried to bully hospitals into coping with rising demand and the impact of cuts to social care.



That’s the ticket. Not meeting the targets? Change the targets obvs.