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You think we are in the shit, try ‘merica my neighbour has just come back from seeing son in USA and they got quizzed if their phones were Chinese FFS
I assume the TSA who are thick as pig shit don’t realise the iPhone is made in China


Cos nothing made in the USA ever had backdoors for spying :roll_eyes:



They can take the one off the Virgin Media crap advert




I’d buy one


Well Boeing look to be a bit stuffed…

I have sympathy for the poor troops who will undoubtedly get sacrificed at the altar of share price, but serves Boeing right for sulking about the A400M contract and cheating Airbus.


Seems like a good point!


Unfortunately they seem perfectly capable of grounding themselves.



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That will have nothing to do with Patrick Shananan of course.

I have also read a story about Trump’s government shut down blocked a critical software update to fix the issue - I don’t know if this is true or not but let’s hope it isn’t.


I thought there was an issue of insufficient pilot training on working with the plane’s own control system. MCAS (ie just an hour on an Ipad)


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There’s some on here who could do with a gallon or two added to their full English :wink:


I believe that was the conversion course from NG to MAX. AIUI, there was no information on MCAS in either the manuals or training. (NG doesn’t have MCAS, it’s only on the MAX because of the very different aerodynamic performance at high AOA on the MAX because the larger, more forward engine nacelle start generating lift at high AOA and cause a pitch up moment)

It seems like quite an insidious system and if allowed to apply full nose down trim, it would appear to create a situation where it’s (almost?) impossible for the pilots to overcome this stabiliser trim setting with elevator.

It can be disabled, but you probably need to figure out that that’s what causing it first and if not in the manual… :cry:

Thread on pprune:




Ethiopian airlines are sending the flight data recorder to Europe for analysis, rather than the USA. Given the magnitude of money involved worldwide in this aircraft, is this a matter of trust in outing the truth ?


Only the US still allowing them to fly and even congress and labour unions are asking for suspension… Boeing in a huge hole, and the article earlier suggests it really stems from putting in an unsuitable engine.


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