MP Pay


I have thought that MPs should be paid a lot more, but not be allowed any external duties or positions, maybe except unpaid charitable ones.

Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option

I think that would be sensible too, but you’d be fucked trying to get the notion of a substantial pay rise for MPs past the electorate.


And rightly so. If you can’t live, even in London, on £75k per annum you’re a fucking wasteful idiot.

Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option

Plus expenses


Plus a gold plated pension scheme that very few of us could dream of.


If you were to remove the archaic expenses system and base it with standard big company policy, I’d say they should be getting paid £120k (£150k with London weighting).

No second jobs, no outside interests allowed.


Too high IMV.

£80k top whack. Limit expenses to travel and overnight stays for attending the HoC. They can buy their own lunch as everybody else at work does.


If you pay peanuts…etc.

I agree with Mark (save me from myself someone. Please), £120-150 is enough to entice a better quality of monkey. Disallow any outside interests and you get a focused employee, who isn’t as tempted to feather their own nests.
Which is exactly what they should be.


There’s precious little evidence that large pay packets attract talented people. Plus anyone who won’t work as an MP for under a 100K probably isn’t the sort of person we want in that job - wanting a 6 figure plus salary and a selfless nature aren’t natural bedfellows


I really wish they’d move Parliament up to Halifax, Rochdale, Stoke or Hull or even down to Taunton or Exeter. We might then learn who was really committed to the job.

There might also be some incentive to improve infrastructure & transport links in those places.


Yeah, cos it’s worked so well up till now :roll_eyes:


I didn’t say that, it patently doesn’t work how it is, but paying more salary won’t make it any better - Its not like most of the incumbents need the money anyway, so the salary is probably irrelevant. Doesn’t stop them accepting ‘independent’ (above inflation, in exception to everyone else in the civil services) pay rises does it?

Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option

If you’re on £75k you have no chance of buying a house anywhere you’d want to live in London. I have friends with family income of well over £100k and they can’t afford to buy a place in St Albans.

Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option

They have no issue with expecting all the services that keep them educated, safe and healthy (not to mention clean their houses and offices, serve their subsidised food and drink etc etc ) to manage on a fraction of that


I’m not putting a figure on it but I’ve thought for a long time if we paid our MP’s similar salaries to the CEO of a big national level company then we might actually get people who knew what they are doing rather than a bunch of complete nuggets.
Also anyone with a degree in politics (I.E someone who set their stall out to be an MP from day one) can’t be an MP these are the worst of the fucking lot. No real life experience to draw on to make reasonable decisions.


In my mind the above comment means a whole new set of MPs from top to bottom none of them are suitable to run our country.


Don’t think many would disagree with that statement


£75K pa would be fine in Redcar.


They don’t have to live in London. A house of commons hotel for all on official business.
Sometimes even the working class have to work away from home


Point missed much ?