MP Pay


I might be prepared to have an open mind about changing the pay to attract the right calibre of people to represent us in parliament, I certainly agree that any other sources of income need to be closed off under any such arrangement to remove the most obvious conflicts.

But when you see the state of the current shower, I’d find it very difficult to award them anything. Wouldn’t pay them in washers.


I also think that they should have lived in their constituency for at least five years before being eligible to stand.


It seems priorities are to be pissed on power or pissed on profit - Sadly this pisses on people.

I would also like to see psychological / emotional and intelligence entry testing. I don’t care so much about the wage but clearly politicians should not be able to create policy in order to profit


When you equate MPs with CEOs or other similarly paid folk we should remember that, for the most part, CEOs and their ilk have skills and experience that got them that post. MPs have none. There is no minimum standard for becoming an MP. We expect MPs to be truthful, loyal, honest, have good judgement etc etc. No qualification is available to my knowledge exists that demonstrates these qualities. Similarly being a CEO, lawyer, Dr, ex military doesn’t necessarily make a good MP.

So why do we want to to pay them £150k per annum? This is at least 4 times the national average I think.

It’s pretty clear to most that pay attention that elections are simply beauty contests in that favourites are chosen for all sorts of reasons - sometimes it even has something to do with political beliefs I’m told.


This should happen. Parliament should travel round the country. As for pay they should get what all the other public sector employees get…
Let’s face it pay them £200k and we are still gonna get the same stupid warts put up for election. So cut their pay.


‘Want’ is a strong word here but an increase to £150k with commensurate removal of expenses would (I think) be revenue neutral and rather more transparent. Want to hire your immediate family to be your staff? Fucking pay for it out of your take home.


For me their pay should be in line with GP’s and dependant on size of constituency. It should be and IS a public sector role. With dare I say it responsibility


In my experience, for the most part CEOs are selfish evil sociopaths out to get as much as they can for themselves with no regard to morals, staff or the good of the company.


They sound eminently qualified to be MPs.


At the moment the interests of the top 1% (probably more like top 0.1%) including CEOs, many MPs and large businesses are not aligned with the public good. Align laws/tax so it is and they will spend the same effort trying to enrich them selves and as a side effect the many.

At the moment the money simply flows upwards.



Doesn’t change the fact that they at least have some experience of doing the job they’re getting paid a lot for.


Or make a simple rule stating it can’t be done. Not terribly hard I’d have thought.

Further, a salary of £80k would also be transparent.


The cunt magnet of Wealth, Status & Power is particularly charged in politics. It attracts those most attracted to it.


Here’s the thing. I’m no captain of industry or the like but I couldn’t be fucked to try and be an MP for £80k with no expenses (as I interpret you are suggesting). It’s not worth it. If we want actual talent, it needs to be paid for.


Here’s another thing. The way the system works no amount of money will or can guarantee quality of MP.

And just because ‘I couldn’t be fucked to try and be an MP for £80k’ does not mean nobody would.


80K with no expenses and you are the MP for North Antrim or Na h-Eileanan an Iar might not be quite as enticing as Chingford


Like we do for teachers?


If there were only 650 teachers in the entire UK, your argument might be something other than facile.


I think the importance of your average MP is grossly overvalued. They do fuck all why should they be paid a fortune for it. Even most ministers don’t bother educating themselves on the department they’re running.


Low demand = high price? Interesting economics there, your elasticity is close to snapping…