MP Pay


For better or worse, we imbue MPs with enormous powers. The current situation has given us a dismal political class, many of whom have never worked outside the bubble. I believe that to get better MPs, it has to be offered at the level where you’d stop doing a serious job to move into politics, bringing actual experience with you. Your mileage may vary but based on the performance of Westminster at the moment, I don’t feel that the current process is working.


Here in lies the heart of the problem

Money can’t buy you love


The current bunch of wankers has little to do with pay and everything to do with a bent electoral system where people who aren’t already rich find it extremely difficult to stand for parliament and we have to vote for whoever stands in our constituency to get the party we want


How much glue can you buy on the black market for 80K (asking for a manservant)


Lol, I can’t believe you idiots are still whittling about this. I have set the salaries and that’s that.


I once saw a proposal that paid MP’s a good wage but put all their assets into a trust and linked them to the prosperity of the country. Then when they retired those assets were returned to them.
Once a few MP’s put their London mansion in the pot and got a 2 up 2 down in a broken welsh mining town back maybe they’d stop being utter cunts…


In theory a similar arrangement happens with the position of President in the USA (Emoluments Clause). For some reason, the GOP haven’t been too inclined to push Trump on this divesting of assets.


Great idea but they’d just change the way it was measured - a bit like picking from the 3 inflation measures depending what result they want…