Muffled channel help

My friend has taken the plunge and bought an Audio Technica lp140x

“one speaker is clear and the other is a bit muddy and muffled”

He’s swapped cables and kit and has no idea. His only solution is to bypass the channel and plug both speakers in via one output!
He’s also said “Weirdly though it is only muffled on phono but works perfectly on aux setting.”

Anyone got any ideas? His integrated amp was fine with his previous all in one deck (which also had phono level output).

System off: then, if he’s not a total hamfist, get him to check the cartridge tags are all fully connected onto the cart pins, and that they’re all connected in the correct order (usually colour matched). Fiddliest job = likeliest clusterfuck.

Next, see if you can get some pics of how the cart is mounted on the arm, and the arm on the deck, lest something is wildly cockeyed and askew…

Otherwise, possibly a wrong connection somewhere in the replay chain?

I can’t work out why it would work on aux if it’s a fault in the connection chain.
I’ll pass that on and keep trying. I suggested tags as that was my mistake when I set mine up. His deck should have arrived “ready”.
I’ve suggested plugging in his old deck to check if the fault persists.

Yeh, I wasn’t sure what he meant re. the Aux.

I’m not familiar with the deck, and too lazy to google it - it’s not one with a built in phono stage perchance? If you connected such a deck to the phono stage in a pre/integrated, that could possibly damage or kill one or both channels.

It does have a pre built in. Or the blurb says it outputs a phono level signal.

So did his other deck, so I can’t see that being the issue as it’s not new. You are right though, of his amp has a phono stage its not ideal to double it!

I’ve had similar issues recently with one headshell which was down to the tags. Everything was half its usual output,then dropped out on one channel. Is he using a phono stage? Guess he must be if he’s going into the aux.
Just looked,it has a built in phono,silly question,he is turning the built in phono off when going into the amps phono stage?

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I’m checking. I thought his old deck had a phono output and assumed his amp didn’t.

Back of the 140

If it all works ok on the aux input, leave it at that and be happy. :slight_smile:

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He’s now getting volume issues across tracks.

Tinkering is making problems I think. Thanks for the help so far.