Multicoloured meatmen music swap shop thingy

So how are we going do this? Do we have rules or a free for all?

I’m a bit drunk, but I’ve got several terabytes with almost no prog at all, does that work?

Whoever gives the best reason for not wanting it is the winner.

Rules? Pah! I’ll start.

I have a copy of the classic 45- Baccara: Yes Sir I Can Boogie. I’ve not played it since 1977 and it has been stacked horizontally without a sleeve with 25 other records in my mum’s loft since 1984. I’d like to swap it for a plum label Led Zep IV. Must be mint, in shrink, but if you have fucking opened it, it must be possible to see your face it it from 25 feet away. Scuffs on the sleeve? Don’t bother. What ya got?

First cunt that flags this (or any other post in this thread for that matter) as inappropriate will be instantly banned. :+1:


I have a slightly scratched Shakatak album,looking for a straight swap for a 3 bedroom bungalow in Wimbledon



God I want one of those…

Bought a Naim amp?

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