Multiple PM's

How do I send the same PM, to multiple recipients?

You should just be able to add the recipients. There’s also a button at the bottom to invite people to the conversion.

It shows, “add a user”, but how does that work? Do I have to type in each user name?
If I have multiple recipients, in an existing thread (PM), I want to send the same message to each.
I copy and pasted for each, selected user, when I did it before.

If you have multiple users in an existing PM thread, just reply to the thread.

The PM system works like the rest of the forum, just that PM threads are restricted to the people you’ve invited - think a private thread.

But each reply, is from an individual user, so all my PM’s about the bakeoff, were to individual users, so all replies are individual.

Then you will need to start a new thread, and add all the users.