Munich 18


Wheels as cable supports stops angular transient things



Big Viva multi horn system too dark to photo.
Sounds good though


Whatever that is, it’s suffering from a woeful lack of cable-lifting :tired_face::tired_face:


For Jim




Designed by Salter using bits left over from their digital kitchen scales range?


Great to see cables on wheels,numerous times i’ve wanted to be able to take mine for a walk up the co op on a nice sunny afternoon.



Shame, couldn’t you switch the lights on.
Is Arthur’s PT record player there?


Saw it this morning.
No 4g in the place he was but have a pic on my camera.
He loves a chat does Arthur.


Demons travel in straight lines.

Feng Shui innit.


Stark Audio


Did you get to hear it ?


Static display, no arm fitted. Some secret shenanigans going on.




£70K, they are having a laugh. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



I’d be worried to do that in case they used me as a toothpick.


Surely they’ve got L & R mixed up. The curve must be there to keep all the drivers equidistant from the listening chair, no ?



Reviewed in one of this months HiFi mags, went straight to the price info, £20k…
I was going to say watderfuk, until the Pink Triangle…