Munich 18







Great set of photos from the show, Kev. Thank you for the coverage.


Urinals look smart


Point and squirt.:+1:


You could’ve swiped me a pearl or cream coloured horn to replace the blue ones my wife hates so much!


Tory boy


Let her paint a design of her choice on them


Chelsea boy. :joy:


at a house a few days ago and they had the grills of esl repainted a different colour by professional automotive guy , looked good


Unless he repainted the cooker. :grinning:


I can’t understand what you’re typing. There’s too many capitals :smirk:


There are :wink:


You have no idea how many plant pots I hid behind. Germans are annoyingly slim, despite only being allowed to eat pork knuckle.

I met Kevin and Dave in the queue for the Saturday evening flight, letting my dealer scum pals go ahead. Kev did the honourable thing when I needed a post-Weissbeer piss and looked after my bag. When I came back, he was waiting last at the gate with a bemused EasyJet girl. Apparently, she’d asked ‘so who is this friend whose case you have?’
He was somewhat stuck. ‘batteredhaggis?’

On the way home, Jason Kennedy stole my window seat and then promptly went to sleep. Bastard.


Welcome Jamie.


I think I’ve been here before Guy but I got lost somewhere - probably somewhere around Hauptbahnhof :thinking: