Music To Look Forward To (New Releases)


Love-completists may like this from Rhino:

The Rhino LP I have is by some margin my favourite, bar none, including originals and Mofi, so I’m hopeful…

That said, there is also the fact that Bruce Botnick is in his 70s…

Preordering anyway :pray:


The MOFI is the best I own, and I owns quite a few. 1st time the volume level has been sorted on Alone Again Or to my knowledge. Even my long lost original single was too quiet.

Got dragged along to see Arthur Lee’s Love play the entire FC album a decade ago, having seen too many old bands embarrass themselves.
Thank fuck I went.


Saw it a good few times. Just bought the rhino to add to my collection of said album


And I didn’t.

Bitterest regret of my musical-life… :sob:


According to amazon the LP is the 2015 remaster, assume that is a mistake and it’s the actually the new Botnick one?


Amazon are incompetent lazy cunts, but that doesn’t mean that’s wrong, Rhino are fuckers for that… I’ll check tomoz when I’m a little less beered-up…


A supperating throbbing musical boil that needs lancing with a “landmark gigs I stupidly, inexplicably missed” thread.
I can add “having too much homework” so passed on Bowie’s Ziggy gig at Manchester Free Trade Hall to my eternal damnation and torment.


I guess we just nominate ourselves for a cockpunch. Again…



Wiley releases Godfather 2 tomorrow



News starting to trickle in about RSD 2018. Usually I have absolutely zero time for RSD as it is a feckin’ pain in the arse, but I will take steps to get a copy of this:

IMHO the most crucial piece of Spiritualized vinyl out there. Unfortunately the original LP was very poorly so can be very noisy unless you are lucky as the music is mastered at a very low level. Excellent sleeve too



I have the CD… but would fancy this too!


Being sad, I also have the CD and the original pressing of the LP. Once I buy the new pressing I might try and get out a bit more.


The RSD list is available:

The list is here:

That last link is not working properly so a pdf can be had here:

Record Store Day 2018

Hmmm, I fancy the Spectrum release too.


I have 2 copies of the original LP and a copy of the CD. I’m probably going to get the reissue too. It is an illness.


The Spacemen 3 reissue too… Oh god, the expense!


Much want :heart_eyes:


Indeed, but £209.99 plus postage…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I know but…