Musical Fidelity (the company) Sold


Now owned by Heinz…




I may be biased but i’d say the last interesting thing they made was the A1 in 1984.


I quite liked the A1000, which was the same circuit I think (Tim de P?), and was a ridiculous size and has big knobs. It was pleasingly absurd.


The first generation X series amps were OK XA-50 and XA-200. Still got a Mk1 A170 power amp somewhere.

I liked the very first series of amps Dr. Thomas, The Pre.


Different cct. Afaik


The MA50 mono’s were sweet - about the only MF item I’d be tempted to try again.


I agree.


I still have my System Scale rule.


Fuck ! I find myself agreeing with Bob again !
I too liked the original X series.

I had these…


I had the Trivista integrated. Was a good amp, but you had to be careful with system matching ( no B&Ws )


One of the first good systems i heard used these in the early 80s


I had a few different X series MF amps, quite enjoyed them IIRC. The lozenge amps were very pretty too

I seem to recall Sodders going all-in with every single bloody component from the Xv3 series - perhaps he is shedding a tear


Who knew the meat men’s periods would sync up in agreement over Musical Fidelity?


I had an A1, it was great until my wanker flatmates broke it.

It used to get awesomely hot.


I never had an A1, but always wanted one. I used to have a B200, which was a bit more grunty, biased more to class B but still got bloody hot.


I have has two A1 amps, didn’t really like either of them, a bit gutless for my taste. I bought the second one as I thought the first might be a duffer. I have a MF Synthesis which is a much better amp.


I remember that, the name lit up on the front didn’t it :slight_smile: ?


It does, 70w per channel with a MM and MC input. Too wide, effectively a The Pre and Dr Thomas in one box with a smaller power supply.

I will bring it to your bakeoff.


Yeah, that would be interesting :slight_smile: