My little uns having her hair cut!

Morning all , My niece’s 3 year old daughter was last year diagnosed with cancer in the spine and went through an operation and chemo, losing her hair. My amazing 5yr old stepdaughter was most concerned and asking questions about why Faye has no hair etc , so my partner explained it’s because Faye was a ‘bit poorly and had to have some magic medicine to make her better’.
I’ll let Terri ( soon to be Mrs Pilgrim ) take it from here -
Marley absolutely loves her long hair and her 2 ‘Dorothy plaits’ are her treasured trademarks. Recently Marley asked if she could have her hair cut so ‘a girlie with no hair who had magic medicine could have her hair and look beautiful’
So having done some research my partner is taking Marley to have her hair cut for the Little Princess Trust where they make wigs for young cancer patients. Marley is donating 13” of her beautiful hair to the cause and we are looking to raise some funds for the trust also to assist in the costs of making the wigs with donated hair. We would appreciate any support you can give and ask if anyone wanting to donate and support Marley in this amazing brave thing she is doing, could please donate here…


Hope this is ok posting this here.
Thanks in advance.


fantastic , will be donating as soon as possible . its a great idea

Kids are amazing.

I have something in my eyes - they keep watering. Give Marley a big hug from me (and probably all of us). What an incredible gesture by one so young. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

And have some pounds as well :grinning:

Just want to say a massive thank you for the lovely messages and donations from the forum and to update you that my amazing little lady is in tomorrow for her big hair cut! Eeeeek! We’ll share a pic tomorrow and again from my heart … thanks so much for your generous donations it means so very much. We are just £100 away from our target! :clap:t2::clap:t2:
Terri ( mrs pilgrim )


Soooo many people to thank! GG’s salon for the beautiful cut and making it happen on behalf of the princess trust, all you amazing, kind people for your donations but most of all - MARLEY for being the beautiful, kind, caring, generous, brave, awesome little person she is and for raising £460 for the trust! Proud mummy beyond words! Thank you all for your beautiful words, generous donations and support
Terri ( Mrs Pilgrim. )


Absolutely brilliant.

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Apologies, misses this thread until now. Sent a little something.

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Many thanks