Anyone here using or have used Myryad amps in particular the M100 pre-amp. Just wondered what the views are here. There is a nice clean one i was going to take a punt on.

‘Myryad’ - searches go better when you spell stuff correctly.

And no, never. Very overlooked brand.

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Had a Myryad integrated many years ago - excellent I’d say.

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Never heard a single item, never seen a hifi mag review, never seen them at any show, can’t recall stumbling over them at dealerships, not anyone I can recall having any of their kit at bakeoffs, &c.

And yet, they managed to remain independent (I think…) until recently. Looking at their bloody awful webshite now suggests new kit may be imminent, but it all looks very last-straw-ish… The smell of death hangs heavily in the air.

Not an amp but I have a Myriad fm tuner, very smooth, full of detail a lovely piece of equipment. If the tuner is anything to go off, take a punt. They tend to hold their value, very nice sounding, some may say a little pipe and slippers but is very, very nice, to my ears at least.

Mate has had a myriad integrated since the late 90’s when Richer started having a bit of their kit in. Was very good for the money at the time.

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