Nackety nack.... oh my back!

Firstly, thanks for all your pm’s with your well wishes, it is greatly appreciated and makes me feel very special.

Secondly, anyone have any good proven excersises that can help ease muscular back pain?

I be thangingyew in advance.

Lie on your back, hug each knee close to your chest, keeping the other leg straight. Hold for 30s. You should feel your lower back stretching.

I also use a foam roller on my back - works wonders.


If you have torn summat then resting it is prob best.
If it is a spasm the try swimming.
If it is summat else then ask someone who knows about this sort of shit.

If yer just being a whining little bitch then get te fuck.


Have you tried shitting in a toilet like normal people?

Thank you for your kind words.

Give up being fisted by your apprentice to ensure a less hurty back :face_with_thermometer:


To be fair, the suffering of others usually causes me to revel in that strange, bitter isomer of “joy” that comes to the dry, blackened lump of fat and hate that I call my “heart” on such occasions. You did pretty well.

I’d pay £60 and go see a physio and get it diagnosed and treated properly. Fwiw I did exactly that in July, long story short the middle of my back had stopped moving, causing my upper and lower back to compensate, which in turn buggered it all up. I had nauseating pain running across my shoulders and pins and needles in my arms, not good. Physio worked some magic and gave me exercises to do every day. Problem solved.

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Bollocks to physio or excercise, you need drugs, lots of them.


Very much yes to the drugs but in conjunction with this:

Extremely effective.

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Give up trying to suck your own cock?


Unfortunately it’s not going to suck itself. :frowning:


Do not exercise or stretch straight after a back injury. Especially as you don’t know what’s specifically damaged.

Back exercise and stretches are meant to be done preventatively. If you’re serious come back when the pains gone and I’ll point you in the direction of few maintenance exercises.


I hear you Clem Fandango.

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I assume you’re all better now?

It is nowhere near as bad thanks. Still a niggle at the bottom of back near top of left buttock.

Some excersises to build up some flexibility would be good if you can be arsed?

exercises :grin:

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It’s fairly amazing I can spell it actually, given I have no comprehension of what it means :laughing:

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Oooh, this is the first i’ve heard of this, glad your feeling bettererererer though.

With back/shoulder stuff I always find one of those TENS machines work well, but I guess it depends on your injury.

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Thanks Rob. A lesser man than I would continue to milk this particular affliction … but not I. No sirree.