Naim users

Have you noticed in a hobby full of anal retentives, Naim users are absolutely top of the tree?

Copied from the Roon “show us your system” thread.


I need to put one of those lovely neat boxes just slightly out of square.


oooh, nice rackage…:smirk:

I’ve bought 4 or 5 items from hardcore naim users,and all the rooms have looked like that.
Also the rooms have been spotless

Interestingly,many horn users rooms have been more unruly,as a ridiculous generalisation, is they different parts of the brain at work here with hi fi users?


It’s actually downright weird. Lizards in human skin-suits weird.

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Indeed,i did by a nait 5 off a one Mr Icke

As an old school naim owner (chrome bumper and bolt down), I can assure you my system and room is not anywhere near that tidy.

Actually,all the rooms had beige carpets with thick underlay,and not a cable in sight.
.Strange yet true.

You should have got a picture behind the racks.
I remember a high end Naim user hiring a bod for a day from his local approved dealership to come round and dress all the cables behind the racks.

I wonder if the dealers do a room suitability check before they come and install it, or there’s just an unwritten covenant between them and the customer that the room will be creepily spotless, like an operating theatre, when they arrive?

I’d love to order a load, and have the dealer come to set it up.
“Yeah mate, just lob it all over there”, whilst making him step over 3 weeks worth of empty Pot Noodle and pizza boxes.


Think the tidiness only kicks in at Naim Fraim level

Never owned one and never will.

…and try and not wake the lebowski lying in the corner.


NOOOOOOOOOoooooooo OCD kicking in :scream:

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If you notice, there is a Chord DAC in there :joy::dizzy_face: And what looks like a Rega TT :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Also, it’s a dog unfriendly floor, so clearly a Borg.

I have a Naim story - Way back in about 1981 or 2 I owned an LP12 - Struggled to fund myself in hifi in those days and Naim amp was an expensive next step that I could never afford - That didn’t stop me and my make Chris going to an open day in Salisbury. Whilst we were there there was free beer, a pretty receptionist named Babette and three or four expensive setups.They all sounded very nice but not something a 23 year old with a big mortgage was going to afford - Instead there were free Naim posters about 5 or 6 we had those and II had the cheeky idea to get them all signed -We approached Julian Vereker and he agreed to sign all from the set of posters in which he had input. My mate had saved his and a month ago he sold five for £995 on eBay. I cannot remember what I did with mine.


Didn’t @htm_1968 once own a typical Wall of Naim ?


Yes :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Did Babette feature in the posters

Shouldn’t the TT be on 30 stacked Mana platforms?