Naim users

Just stick it over there, mate. Next to the laptop


I owned an active Naim setup for more than 20-years. I really enjoyed it too. I’m not a fan of their newer kit though.

Dressing cables. What does that actually mean, ffs?

It’s phrases like that that make me embarrassed to be even remotely associated with hifi.


One of my friends bought a Nait 5 amp and matching CD player when they first came out.
The dealer (Sevenoaks Bedford) insisted that only a fully qualified Naim agent was capable of setting it up.
He wanted to take it home and get listening. The dealer insisted, so he had to wait a whole fucking week for some fucktard to position it in on his rack in accordance with the Salisbury Mantra and plug it in when the mighty green sheep were ready to Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa in unison. I told him the whole affair was utter shite, he wouldn’t listen to me.

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I need to point out that this thread marks the decline of the AA into beige. All Hi Fi Forums seems to have ‘I hate Naim/Linn/Reg/etc etc’ threads. This thread seems to confirm the AA as a hi fi forum. :disappointed:

Next stop meh…


Unfortunately no

Can’t say I hate any of those brands. I despise the snobbery that often comes from their owners though.

Not Naim speakers :roll_eyes:

Look Naim loveliness…


Currently trying to convince said Naim owning friend who’s looking to upgrade that he should ditch his Monitor Audio Silvers for something by Neat.

May take him to Ed’s for a listen to his setup.

I think you must be projecting. I was commenting on the prediliction of Naim users to have indentikit, sterile living quarters.

We need to know what car the average naim owner owns.

I’m going with saab

I would say…BMW.

Audi A5 on PCP


I know a Qashqai driver who Naim gear would suit completely, in terms of the OCD/Anal retentiveness, etc. The image in the 1st post would be porn for them.

I’ve never heard any Naim gear before - if anyone owns any and is attending Edd’s bake off, bring it along.

In general I would agree with people who bash Naim about their speakers, which were almost uniformly awful. The exception was the SL2, which was very good indeed, and as a boundary reinforcement design was very useful in smaller spaces. The IBLs, SBLs, NBLs and DBLs didn’t do much for me, and the recently cancelled Ovator series were simply nasty.

You would need it delivered the week before and powered up in its new position to allow it to acclimatise and get over the shock of being switched off.
If it is switched off again at the end of the bake off it will probably have to go back to Naim HQ in Salisbury for counseling before it cn be succesfully reintegrated back into its home system.


I was commenting on the general direction of your thread, not your post. My old rig was generally tidy, but the rest of the room (out of shot) was a mess of tapes, cds, LPs and general detritus. Here is a snap I posted to a not-missed-very-much-at-all site about 6 years ago for your amusement:


The only naim speakers that i thought that sounded ok,were the n sats.

At shows,the neat speakers with naim separates,would poop on there speakers from a huge height.

I forgot about the n-Sats, Well remembered. The n-Sub was very good too. When were selling up in Australia I used a paired down version of the system above with a pair of Neat Motive 2 speakers in a tiny space. I liked that setup too…