NAS, backing up data etc


Imo yes. I would get a drive which is specified for NAS over a desktop drive.

I don’t know about Synology but QNAP have a drive compatibility list for their NAS.


Synology have a list somewhere on their website - yes I’d agree with WD Red


There’s a Synology with all the trimmings for sale in the pink fish classifieds


You lot are just confusing me now :grin: - and I was clueless to start with.

It’s mostly about security - I want to protect my stuff from hard drive failure. The ability to access files wirelessly will come in handy. I’ve been doing some research since my OP and have come up with the following plan, which you may now rubbish as the act of a total cretin:

Two bay NAS enclosure (most likely a Synology or Qnap) with two drives (probably 2x 6TB - WD Red or Seagate Ironwolf) in RAID, so that I have two copies of everything in the NAS as well as on the original drives. It may be overkill, but it will make me feel better.

I understand that a decent processor will allow the NAS to crunch video (etc), but the video files will be delivered to a smart tv which will do this very well itself, so unless I’m missing something I’ll have no need for serious processing power (beyond Itunes Server duties).

The DS218 Play seems to be the 2 bay version of the DS118, gets good reviews and is reasonably priced. That’s how I think I’ll go.

Feel free to recommend something else (or just point at me and laugh).




Wouldn’t dream of laughing, but I am following (?) this thread, with interest, as the amount of times I have wanted to set up a digital set up beggars belief.

I’ve never got beyond reading the threads (might as well be written in hieroglyphics) because of extreme Luddite reasons (inserts facepalm emoji).

On a separate rant, has there ever been such a wank set of forum emojis ?


The smileys are indeed shit.


Wan’t there a lengthy thread on the previous AA about how fucking shite the emojis were? The deletion was certainly an improvement over this :poop:

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I’m not saying a fucking word…:innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent:


What are the original drives? Why aren’t you using the NAS for storage? The way this should work is that files should be on the NAS, not on your computers.

Also, you should back up the NAS, preferably with an external USB drive that you store remotely.

You need to think of what could go wrong. You could set up a neat system whereby your machines are backed up automatically to a raid system. In that scenario, if you get pissed one night and delete your music library, in the morning the NAS will have deleted it all as well, from both its drives.


This is the Apple emoji set you tarts.


Ah, that explains why it’s so wank.


I see your point.

So, better to use the NAS as the main storage location and treat the various portable external drives (which is where everything is currently stored) as backups?


So? It is, was, and always will be wank.


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Yes! Organise your NAS storage well, making everything easy to find, and it’ll be a joy to use. You only need one backup for it, but you could use two and rotate them.