New Boiler

Always a fun topic when you can’t feel your toes… (I can, with a struggle, get it to ignite, so we aren’t going to freeze to death.)

The error showed on the display is “01”. According to the Scottish Power engineer who just visited, the fan, air pressure switch and the air vessel need to be replaced which would be more than £600.00. The problem is the fan isn’t spinning fast enough to create the required pressure. That means nothing to me, he could have told me the flux capacitor needed to be re-formed and I’d have had to take his word for it.

Now, I’m doing this research because I know nothing about heating, all I know is the boiler cover we pointlessly bought won’t cover it due to the age and value of what is currently in the airing cupboard. It’s a Vokera Linea 726 from 2005, is it worth getting it repaired or should I just save up for a new boiler?

The first quote I’ve had online was £2500 which made me raise a brow a little bit.

Obviously, I’m keen to not spend that much when you hear people celebrating the fact that they have spent less than half that figure, but I don’t know where to start.

Have any of you dealt with any “good” plumbers in Lincolnshire?

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