New CAMERA Phone Huawei P20 pro

I am very seriously thinking about upgrading my old iPhone 5s to something with a decent camera - Currently I am thinking of buying a Huawei P20 Pro. It’s expensive at £550 sim free but It has a larger sensor size than most at 1/1.7" and lots of computer whizz for improving quality. The hybrid zoom also sounds quite workable.

Is there anything else out there that is worth considering?

cheers in advance

If you already have a phone the answer is obvious, no ?

I went from iPhone to Mate 10 Pro and have no complaints. Like it better probably.

there is a thread on PFM in the photography bit about the P20

Cheers - Just read that quite informative.

BMW 5 series.


Go for the p20. It will be excellent.

Here’s a pic from my lgg6, the p20 will be better…

Fancy looking sick bucket.


Cheers - I remember that your phone images looked pretty good on the TV and that got me thinking that a phone could be workable for me as a general walk around camera. Looking at the specs the sensor area on the P20 is more than twice that of the LG P6,
Which itself is twice that of my current iPhone.

I think I need to just buy it and get on with it.

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I am amazed that the price that I was offered from phone shop in Okehampton was much less than I could find on the internet. Devon is a wondrous place, truly a culture shock for us with fantastic lack of traffic, great scenery, lovely people and dissipating Contribution Margins. I have even once saw a Beemer driver use trafficaters fss.


Not missing the A40 then?

In short no.

you sure you weren’t hallucinating?

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I’m probably going to get a p20 Pro for Claire, who likes taking photos. My only concern is that the processing looks like it can get a bit enthusiastic, with some photos over sharpened and colourful. If you’re worried about that kind of thing it might be worth keeping looking.

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Mine is a different model of Huawei so the camera is different but I think it does a decent job with colour.

I’d hope they’ve improved with this new one

I think it deals with the differently lit areas quite well here with realistic colour. Just a quick snap at the theatre.

I expect it will take raw files as well, so can deal with that easily enough.

Yeah it does