New career ideas

My wife and I are mid 50’s and would love to retire but sadly the pot isn’t big enough to bridge the gap between now and age 68 when the state pension kicks in

We have a decent amount in our pot and a couple of small pensions so we just need a business idea that will generate £35k annually to cover our basic lifestyle for circa 10 years

Another positive is our house has a built in office and large garage so opens up options (my wife is a solicitor and before us the office bit was used as a chiropodist for many years)

It’s a big house so b&b is an option but would prefer something service or reselling product

Just looking to hear if anyone has done sonething similar and how it worked out for you. Of course daft ideas also gratefully recieved as long as it’s not to suggest hifi dealer :wink:

Won’t your retirement age be 67 ?

Erm yep, senior moment😀

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Great, I can recommend it.


That doesn’t sound like retirement to me, more like a change of job.


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Um, don’t solicitors make huge amounts of money? They certainly cost huge amounts.

I would have thought that being a solicitor part time would earn decent money, you could be a housekeeper or something. If one of you has a profession, it makes sense to use it. Running a B&B sounds like a lot more effort. Especially for you!

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There is two of us, and we do bugger all but work currently (weekends are spent tidying up and wishing we didn’t work so hard)so a nice job from home that we enjoy is a good improvement on where we are

Solicitors earn good money but also work very long hours and have no work life balance, lots of overhead and very stressful - if you know a solicitor then you would know someone who wants to retire is my experience

could your wife switch to a 3 day week acting as a consultant to the practice?
(assuming she works in a practice obs :grin:)

you could then do next to nothing :+1:

We both fancy doing something less stressful for 10 years rather than working into our 60s to get some work life balance

The 3 days a week thing is an option we have discussed

Grow Cannabis.


I think he’s looking for something in addition to his current income.


In addiction.
/Nazi grammar mode off.

High class hifi brothel. Horns in every room.

On a serious note, I always wondered whether Brexit could lead to business opportunities like import/export services for the SME sector.
They are not the stereotype customers for companies like XPO or BLG that do high volumes.
Still, there is a 67M market to serve for e.g. EU wine or olive oil producers, so you could act as an agent to organise UK distribution?


And speaker systems too.

Hmm Parmesan importer sounds very cool, expand to oils and tomatoes from Italy

Add Tropean onions and it’s all win :+1:


decent tomatoes - now that’ll be a thing…

how about truffle hunting?