New dealer type in Devon - could be interesting

They are showing avantgardes on their Facebook page so I wonder what other kit they have. Going to visit soon with a mate and try not to buy anything.

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Oh God, there’s a place I need to stay away from, I expect.

grabs credit card and jumps in car

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Road trip! Let’s all go spend thousands, I’ve given up trying to save for a deposit in Exeter.

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Hmmm! I’m down Honiton way next weekend

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Nice looking building.


Sounds like some cult.
Be careful. Tinfoil helmets, please

If visiting, please report back on the state of branded stationary and complimentary mints.


I’ll do my best

Was that someone’s Grand Design build that they couldn’t afford to heat?:slightly_smiling_face:

Kevin "“I think many people - it’s not dreaming big - but they build big. People do this, people build really big homes and then discover they have no storage and the space they have is empty volume. It’s more space to heat, it’s not useable, it doesn’t give you connection.”


I mean, Honiton is definitely the happening sort of place…

Oh what fun. Google maps says Honiton is exactly 60 miles from Plymouth😂

So is deep water

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Some other brands seen on their Facebook

Mark Levinson

Not exactly the profoundly different approach their website implies then.


Irresistible offerings to make desire quake & savings break:

Bespoke branded fans made from wipe clean silk
Rhodium plated ink pens with a spirit level on the top
Branded Polo Shirts (Hear that? it’s @stu starting the Astra)
Edible alignment gauge with topless girl on the reverse
Branded self heated mug that changes colour with temperature whilst spelling out the words ‘HiFI buff’
BBQ tong set in the shape of headphones
Those biro’s with a picture on them that when you turn it upside down reveals a bookshelf speaker
Mobile phone cases that capture credit card details / passwords and email them directly to the dark web
Zero filtration sunglasses made from old cd’s.
Branded notepads with a stick man in the corner that when flipped shows him crying at this desk.
Mens Tanga pants with the word ‘Wooffer’ on the pouch (lime or brown sz L)
Pre printed “Sorry about the noise last night” apology comp slips
Nondescript mints, possibly hoisted from the toilet of a down at the heel Indian restaurant.
Branded leather key-fob with poorly made securing ring dyed to ensure it stains any garment.
Fortune cookies that suggest ill fortune if not bang in trouble with hifi overspending.

Other lovable gestures are:

Nails all over the car park for quadruple flat tyre ‘come and wait inside’ moment.
Hammock in the listening room that is virtually impossible to get out of
Aromatherapy burner laced with toad venom and or glue
Pick pocketed at the door (Includes watch and or pacemaker)
Attack mountain cat, placid at first but pins grown men down for 3-4 hrs hissing


Someone give me a lift and I’ll buy a new turntable or some horns



What is this “or” of which you speak?


Ehh new hifi

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Going here today, will snap as many pics as I can


It is of the upmost importance the ‘Pics’ include a haul of freebies. Pens, sweets, stickers, notepads, pencils, fans, t-shirts, mugs and other premium branded goods.