New for 2020

Any plans for new stuff on the horizon?

Hoping to see someone on here get some ridiculous divorce size speakers


I was listening to some the other day :grinning:


might get a new burglar alarm

Get a dog


:roll_eyes: lifestyle incompatible with canine ownership

I’ll get around to putting in some windows for my kitchen. Glass is so overrated compared to chipboard and rock wool shoved in the crevices leaves a lovely refreshing breeze which I am looking forward to in January and February.


After reading previous threads I need to understand streaming. Right now I stream from the NAS via the streamer and from the lappy using Spotify and jriver. Got to be a better way.

Want to get a cheap amp to run the LS3s properly.And an audio note izero integrated amp to stop Donna moaning about valves being on show

Get some nice scenery posters
You can be in different parts of the world each week


An automated, cheap CD ripper !

Ripping and tagging large quantities of CD’s is beginning to make streaming look like the easy part of the equation.

Why is there no simple, reliable, quick and cheap method of doing this yet ?

Digital Audio - FFS !!

Buy a second hand vortexbox or innuos zen. Job done for ripping and tagging.

DB poweramp works well, requires little more than a few mouse clicks per disc once you’ve set it up. Did mine in batches when sat on the sofa watching telly.


Me too - piece of piss really.


I want to try some big(er) Tannoys at some point…


Possibly a dog, a new job, and some decent shelving.for my LPs.

Roughly how long would a CD take to rip and tag ?

3-5 minutes per disc.
It’s 99% automatic once the disc is loaded.

The tagging should be automatic, and is just a click in a drop down menu if you want to change things- the actual ripping to flac is about 2 minutes for a standard 45 minute album iirc.

Shit :astonished:, 160 hours of my life I’ll never get back !!

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Just do 5 or 10 a day when you’re listening to a record or something.