New laptop - Is this one any good?

Mrs horace would like a new laptop for Christmas.

General use (no gaming) - internet, video, photo editing etc

This one looks like a decent spec for the money:

No SSD, but other than that?

Is there better about for £500?


I happen to think Acers are shonky as fuck, but ymmv.

Assuming it has to be new, I would go for something like this

An SSD is really important these days, they make as much if not more difference to a machine’s performance as the CPU.

As yourself what’s important for her in terms of disk size, and screen size. Is 1TB really needed, etc.

Get an SSD drive. Forget the die after a couple of years expensive to repair HP shite and also the ACER stuff along with Asus is rubbish. If it was my money, Lenovo or Dell, much better made and ‘stock’ parts so if it goes wrong you don’t have to mortgage the house to pay HP for parts.

Lenevo 8GB RAM, Get SSD doubt you will need more than 250GB…

Nobody in consumer land gets their laptop repaired outside of warranty. In that respect they are very similar to solid state amplifiers :smiley:

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My experience with Acer is all bad. We had a couple at work and they didn’t work for very long.

Thanks - will avoid the Acer and look for something else (with an SSD).

Lots of refurbs about at very good prices - is this worth exploring, and if so, any retailers you’d recommend/avoid?


Get a Lenovo refurb

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I got exactly this from this seller 6 months ago, it has been excellent

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Ooh does it actually need to be a laptop? I was looking for one, but then saw an HP all in one that was much higher spec and has been fantastic. Here’s another:

I also got a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. For my uses, this is actually better than a laptop, although they are certainly not portable, they’re really heavy.

I recently reco’d one of these to a mate, exactly the same spec. She wanted summat fast & reliable on a tight budget, that would also have good durability. These Lenovo business class machines tend to be good all round & with good ruggedness/reliability. Their consumer level machines at the popular £350 to £600’ish price point not so much in my experience.

My mate payed £255 for a grade 2 refurb ThinkPad T430 with 12month warranty & only light signs of use + £20 for a full version of MS Office Pro pre-installed by the seller. She is pleased as punch & really impressed by the fast boot up times, due to SSD & updates not taking an age as with her ropey old underpowered net-book.

That Lenovo was basically what I was going to get until I saw the HP thing. The i5, SSD, 8gb spec seems the sweet spot. Certainly booting up in ten seconds is brilliant!

I’m using an Acer V5 Inspire which I’ve had for around three years. The first thing I did was put an SSD in it, which improved performance no end. I can shut down the laptop and restart back to the same point in around 20 seconds.

The only down side it the stupid mouse pad without buttons. It’s a pain in the arse trying to double click as there’s nothing for the fingers to easily locate. For that reason I wouldn’t buy one again.

My previous laptop was a Lemovo, again, worked fine, but the screen hinges became loose which eventually affected the display.

I bought a Lenovo T410 for about £150 mainly just to write this sort of shit and a some photo processing. It’s been great for the money. I would certainly have another Lenovo, I bought Lou a new, higher spec. one 2 yrs ago and it’s been faultless.

I like the little clitoris thing that the Lenovo ones have

It’s not a clitoris, it is a nipple.

If I did that to my wife’s nipple I’d be fucking divorced

Being a sad bastard I googled it, both terms are in use but Lenovo call it a 'Pointing Stick’
Which is worse than either.

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Presumably she lets you work her clitoris to point at the appropriate area of screen!

There’s no point him even trying until she gives him the password.