New laptop - Is this one any good?




I recently got a Dell XPS13 from work which is often cited as the best laptop out there (it is nice) but I still prefer my Lenova X series lappy

keyboard and trackpad were better (for me) being the main reason

the lenova was 2 years old when I got it, I had it for 3 faultless years and was still very happy to keep it when I was forced to upgrade

agree 100% on the SSD - daft not to get a 256 one thee days


Re: 256gb ssds, are there any makes that are better than others?


Nope. There are only 3 basic manufacturers and all you get is variation on a theme. the important part is the connection type and the chip speed. At the prices you are looking at no difference. There is a difference if you plan on spending 10 times as much.

Don’t believe the twats on other sites who claim that different SSD’s sound different.


Another shout for a refurbed Lenovo - got a high spec Thinkpad W540 about a month ago - £2500’s worth for £700 - by a large margin the best PC of any kind I’ve had my paws on.

Agree with Rick about the annoying buttoneless trackpad though.


Some important lessons to be learned from this thread.


Predictably, the thing I was going to buy has become a thing I am not going to buy.

I will buy a different, though remarkably similar thing instead.

Or a new coffee machine.

Edit: Unless I manage to find a laptop with nipples and/or a clitoris.


See, as usual, it’s all good :+1:


Hang on, haven’t we all been consistent in saying that you should buy a Lenovo refurb? Not one of us has suggested a coffee machine. I think this thread has been remarkably on topic and useful. We should link to it in the forum ethos.


will that run Win10 and allow you to surf?


Don’t buy a coffee machine. Get a sub. to some decent beans each week and use a hand held drip or cafetière!


Useless if you want espresso.


What’s that got to do with laptops?


Haha, cheeky kunt.


Jesus, it’s so hard to be facetious here - like pissing into an ocean of piss.

And yes, I dare say I’ll buy a Lenovo (with a nipple).

PS - what is this forum ethos of which you speak? Is it in the same place as the mystical book of forum rules?


The forum rules are, wait for it, ‘there are no rules !’.


That is rule 4


Unlikely, I bet you end up with a desktop and a rash.


They’ll go out of fashion then and everyone will tell you what a terrible idea it was.

I’m already starting to hate mine.


Lenovo are shit.

There’s a guy on Etsy who knits laptops from hemp and alpaca. He’s like totally the future of computing.


When it comes to nipples ‘n’ clitoris you can’t beat the older models. They really respond well to your finger action.