New microwave required

I don’t use my microwave much, mostly for defrosting, reheating etc. I don’t ‘cook’ with it. Anyway, the last few times I have used it there has been a sharp crack - a bit like a kid’s cap gun - on start-up. It still works but I’m not very keen on faulty microwaves :grimacing: so I think it’s time for a new one.

  • not interested in combi types - grill/oven or any of that bollox
  • size not particularly important
  • 900w minimum preferred
  • MUST be =/<£100
  • Colour, style/appearance unimportant (won’t be going in the kitchen)

Any recommendations?

This should do it.[artid|1925.g.27555375[src|[ch|
Another seller on there has it at the same price
AO has it for the same price.

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We have this:

It has loads of programmed settings that we never use. It zaps stuff adequately.

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I bought a cheap Panasonic. It’s absolutely fine. Feel free to go for it. Mine is 800w so the timings are 1 minute longer. So what?

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KENWOOD K25MW20 Solo Microwave - White 900 W £70 Currys/PC world


I bought one of these a couple of months ago

Does what it says on the box

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We’ve had a £30 Asda/Argos special for years. Cookworks ?

Another vote for a Panasonic. I have my parents’ cast off one and it’s very good.

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We have a small Bosch, can get in black or white and it works.

Not much else to say about a microwave.

I have had cheapies from Sharp, Panasonic and Daewoo. All good, but they don’t last forever. The Sharp died, the Daewoo died because I ran it empty, the Panasonic is still going.

Thanks guys.

Seems like plenty of reco’s for Panasonic over other manufacturers.

I’ll see what *Amazon have to offer.

*Argos, Currys etc don’t deliver anything but small items to Shetland. Amazon deliver pretty much anything.

Another one for Panasonic.


And another, mostly a plate warmer but keeps on giving 20 years later

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Panasonic here as well

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The Panasonic is fine, but from an ease-of-use and build quality point of view the Daewoo was the best. I regret blowing it up!

The microwave counted as a snmall item fronm Currys.
It came by courier rather than their deivery drivers.

Whether couriers deliver to Upper Rangnork is another matter.

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I junked a basic Hotpoint microwave when I moved as it was a bit chunky and heavy
It was over 20 years old and still working perfectly. I doubt this one will last as long

One really didn’t need to know where you put your rang norks :face_with_monocle:

Over budget but mine is also a Panasonic and 1000W

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