New smart phone


Thanks all.
I have a sim only deal now and Ive decided im going to buy a handset outright and continue with sim only.
Laptops direct are doing the lgg6 for £369 - and it has a really super camera - it was rated a year ago as best on the market. Probs going to buy that and stop thinking about bloody phones.


Reading the OP again… :kissing_heart::wink:

If you want a really great camera with the phone then you are probably talking Samsung or Google. These two seem to be head and shoulders above the rest.

You can get the Pixel 2 XL for £150 plus £32/m with 12GB, which seems good. The Samsungs might drop in price once the S9 is properly out - I have my eye on an S8+ myself.

The other options might be the OnePlus or the Huawei P10, which has Leica branded camera fwiw.


The P10 is very tempting and under £400 to buy outright, i going to nip out at lunch time today and have a look at that and the LG. (and then buy it cheaper online)

There’s a very good camera comparison of G6 and P10 here, nothing much between them it seems.

Pixel 2 is £630+ to buy and with the numbers you’ve quoted above its still £900+ over 2 years in a contract, just too much for what it is.

£10 for sim only plus £400 max handset = £640 over 2 yrs which is reasonableish imo.


My pixel (mk 1) has a stupidly good camera. Second hand one of those, perhaps?


Received my new S9 on Friday. Love it so far.

As Pete said I’d certainly recommend a Google Pixel if looking for something within budget.


have you had an 8 or a 7? Can you tell us if it is better and in what way?

I have a 7 Edge ATM, and am tempted by a 9 later on this year…


Just upgraded from a S7 Edge.
The screen is a noticeable improvement in clarity, rear camera in another league.
Better sq from headphone socket, dual speakers a nice improvement.
Really liking the retina/face recognition unlocking too.
Early impressions - but all good so far.


You can get a 64gb Pixel 2 on EE with 8gb of data pm for £30 a month with nothing upfront here


That’s a good deal. Never heard of them, mind.


IIRC they’re part of Carphone Warehouse. Actually I bought my S9 from them. Good fast service.


Ordered an LG handset, should be here tomorrow, perfered the look and feel of it to the P10. Plus I liked the wide angle lens.
Staying on sim only.
Cheers for the pointers


Nobody suggested LG. You had decided that before you posted :smile:



I genuinely wanted to like the P10. It felt cheap.


I am slightly bemused by this thread, there are suggestions on here for makes of phone that I have never heard of or seen.

There is obviously a whole world out there outside of Apple, Samsung and Google that I have never encountered!


Nice bit of “try it in the shop / buy it on the web”-ing too. This has been a Kwality thread :+1:



Its not quite that bad. I saw them in carphone warehouse and then ordered from their website late last night once I’d thought about it some more. Same price.

Decided against the cheapest online deals as having a shop to walk back into if it goes wrong is worth £30.


To be fair, even if you hadn’t, the obnoxious twats at Carphone Whorehouse have it coming to them :+1:


Carphone Warehouse LOL. Who remembers actual carphones? The Bentley had one, a jumbo handset on a cord in the centre console and a transmitter in the boot. Didn’t work of course, the analogue network was switched off years ago.


Bought a phone from them 10 or 12 years back and had some issues. They weaseled out of any responsibility and left me with no phone and paying the bill.

Never again - they’re fundamentally absolute fucking cunts. I told them that I’d do my best to make sure none of my friends or family ever gave the shyster wankstains any business.


Our dumb phones are still on the same tariff we had when Narelle worked for Carphone Warehouse some 15 years ago.
Our bills are £2 a month for both phones. We are reticent to change.