New tonearm for the Technics

A big thanks to Navigator and Freefallrob for helping me to fit a RB300 tonearm to the Technics turntable.

It sounds so much better and the careful fitting of the arm board with Oak insert worked out lovely.

Also thanks to David for lunch.

His SL1210 with OL Silver tonearm and Hanna SL cart sounded really good, with that lovely big Yamaha amp and B&W speakers a very enjoyable system.

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surprisingly tidy for my room ! Really enjoyed the build and banter.The top sound quality might surprise some. B and W DM 2A TL and my old ears loved the Ortofon 15 super MC fine line on boron cantilever.on ’ see saw ’ RB300 ( modded) over ‘Achromat’ damping platter of new booted Techy.1200.on wall shelf. ’ Live ’ sound projected in room. But pleased with myself -just because-- I did not burn the pizzas!


Great too see Tim and Dad yesterday, lunch was lovely thanks Dad.
Some great sounds were made from the freshly modded Techy, that Ortofon MC15mk11 super is no slouch either :+1:.
Enjoyed it much!

After chasing down an extraneous hum from phono stage this evening finally got a chance to listen to the Technics in the main system.
It is very good, certainly better than it has a right to for the money. It is a very enjoyable listen. Changing the original tonearm for the @Navigator modded RB300 has lifted its performance quite considerably.
We fitted an old Ortofon MC15 super ii which hasn’t seen a lot of hours and it’s not doing much wrong. It just goes to show what can be done with a limited budget and a bit of care.