New toys

Still playing around with laptop as the source so these things arrived today to have a play with. Source is an Acer chromebook running Amazon Music HD and headphones are AT M40X and Senn HD600


What is the funky-looking DAC (?) 48 thingy please?

It’s an Aimpire AD10 which I think is just a rebadged Topping D10 - when I check the usb port it states D10. A USB dac with digital and analogue outputs.

48 is the Khz output from the computer via the usb for Amazon Music HD. when it first switches on it defaults to DSD (for some reason).

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Found it now, cheers :+1:

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The Cyrus Soundkey is a great wee gizmo :+1:

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very impressed with it. Been playing with it from the phone and it makes a very noticeable difference.

I’ve been using it mostly for late night headphone duties with the lappy and as you say there’s a significant step up in sound quality.

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Shiny new second hand things

Makes a good difference when using it for the iPlayer or Netflix as well.

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Volunteering for the Consolidation police?

Yes, bung everything in the mince pie & shoe threads for maximum grumble.

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I have no idea what you guys are going on about.

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We have a thread for new toys Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today

Don’t worry the wombles will be along soon.



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