New Year Bake - Last one in Ilford! Sat 12th Jan


Will upload video r2r highlights to YouTube tomorrow morning.
Watch this space.




Thanks Jim, Anne and girls for another classic Ilford bake. Great hosting and the food was brill. I enjoyed the whole R2R faffage but I refuse to entertain thoughts of ownership :smile:

Thanks also to Pete for bringing a box of valves down for me to borrow and cooking up another mega chilli :yum:


Jim and family went over the top, with all the work and food. Great bacon and sausage rolls to start, pulled pork taco and tortilla wraps, chicken wings, fresh salsa, Pete’s outstandind chilli, with enough warmth for interest, bags of flavour; another 2 gallons was needed.
There was way too much faff in the back room, but another cracking system put together by Guy and Edd.
Thanks again Jim for a memorable farewell.


Many thanks for our gracious hosts (and JIm) who looked after us all superbly.
Much faff in the back room including machines that couldn’t play the wrong size tapes,
Next year they will be bringing wax cylinders!

Front room system was superb as always, it is a real privelege and a joy to listen to a system like that in a domestic setting.
Company excellent as always, I am glad I came :grinning:


Im bringing one of these to the next bakeoff


Triffic day Jim. Many thanks to all concerned.

I somehow managed to miss the trains on R2R but I did hear the Zeppelin which was very bloody good.

I ordered the Hans Theesink and Terry Evans LP visions while I was listening to it :+1:


Fantastic day today. I particularly enjoyed the Greco-Roman wrestling and ‘name that flange’ quiz*. :+1:

  • Or was it a dream? :thinking:


I found the album to compete with it.
Will be available at the next bakeoff.


Much love to Jim and family for hosting yet another epic bake off. As ever we were all superbly looked after with fabulous food and an endless stream of tea and coffee from the kitchen courtesy of Ann, Flo and Alice.

Braving the main system and bugger it sounds even better than last year :star_struck:. Massive Attack sounded, err, massive. Sublime.

Back room - a mere 5 R2R decks between us :joy:
Much faff. Edd’s speedy tapes sounded great, and Guy’s Led Zep had everyone’s toes tapping.

Brilliant to see everyone, sorry to have missed the people who couldn’t make it.

Gutted that’s the last one :sob:


Great day. Fantastic food and drinks. Great hospitality from Jim and the AFA team, just superb. Shout out also for Coco’s chilli and whoever pulled that pork.
Jim’s system is sounding fabulous and the choice of music throughout the day was also top notch. The back room was interesting and there was lots of laughter. Lots of faff…
Last one of this annual treat and like Scalford will go down in Legend.


Ann’s done us proud again! :heart_eyes:


Let’s hope there are enough eggs :kissing_heart::wink:


Fantastic day at Jim’s thanks to Jim and all his family for looking after us.
Some very good sounds in the R2R room Led Zep being the stand out for me. Also Marks latest 301 build at the end of the day was excellent and beautifully made.
Jim’s system is just outstanding I enjoyed every minute listening to it. A real treat. The stand outs for me were the records I knew well as they sound so much more musically complete just fantastic.
Also great 45 mins with Kev’s DJing choices some really great 12 inch singles. Very enjoyable.
Great to see a few people I’ve not seen for a long time and to meet a few people I’d not met before.
Just a brilliant day.
Thank you.


Dave’s comment that these are bake-offs of legend isn’t wide of the mark. The rest of us don’t get anywhere near Jim and family’s levels of super-relaxed hospitality honestly. Every year it’s brilliant and yesterday’s was a beaut; loads of laughs, food, bantz, music… Jim’s family are the secret. Their work in the engine room allows Jim to hang out and relax which makes him the ideal host, so, hats off and mega thanks to Anne and the girls for prepping all that food, allowing us to take over their entire house, fill the back room with junk, make loads of noise and probably leave them with a lot of clearing up to do. It was a fantastic day as always. :blush:


Everyone’s gone home now, but someone left their phone…

Come back! Whoever you are…


Phone or phern? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Its mine


Embarrassing admission time…it’s Alice’s phone…:blush:

Just call me Mr Observant :grin: