New Year Bake - Sat 13th Jan


More special


Looks like a fookin’ awesome day - liked the back room system


Am back home.
Thanks to Jim and family for the usual wonderful hospitality.
The curry was awesome…

Jim’s new phono stage is wonderful. It looks better in the flesh than it does in the photos, The overall finish is to an extremely high standard, you would never think it was anything other than a professional build, which it is, but you know what I mean!
Pete take a bow!
We played all sorts of music and it never missed a beat, not a trace of grain, a joy to listen to.
I don’t think there was a CD played all day.

Oh, and it seems that a reel to reel is the must have accessory if you want to sell stuff! :grinning:


All the kit in the back room has gone, so we fetched the R2R into the front room…

Listening to a 7.5 ips tape…sounding ridiculously good…


From that photo it looks like I left one of my records there :worried:

Will have to invite Jim down so he can return it :grinning:


Feeling all nostalgic about selling my Ferrograph Series Seven now. :cry:


Just got back from enjoying a fab day. Much love and thanks to Jim and Ann for hosting and hospitality. Food was sublime :kissing_heart:

A few things I learned today -

  1. Jim’s system is better than yours
  2. R2R at 7.5 ips is utterly sublime and a must have for selling hot and spiky amplifiers
  3. You cannot afford an Etsuro cartridge but you really wish you could
  4. Vinyl is now a dead format, tape is king
  5. Having speaker cables like a pair of anacondas is an adequate substitute for having an inadequate man piece
  6. If in doubt, the furry bit goes at the front

Thanks everyone for your company, hope you all get home safe.


Just finished unloading the car.
Massive thanks to Jim and his lovely wife and daughters, their hospitality is second to none. The curry was delicious. Jim’s stereo is out of this world.
The Coco SAN phono stage is beautiful, as Kevin wrote it is even better looking in the flesh, incredible level of finish worthy of the incredible performance.
Thanks again Jim and to everyone for the fantastic company and banter.


Thanks to Jim and Family for hosting another great bake off. Unfortunately because I did not get any sleep last night I had to leave early and missed the curry. Jim’s system is sublime and the Phono Stage not only sounds superb but has a finish to match. A lot of great gear in the back room and the R2R sounded fantastic playing at the faster speed. Thank you guys for your great company.


Just got home via the pub and far too much food and drink…

Huge thanks to Jim, Ann and the girls for a bloody great day - my apologies for being rude enough to show up early while you were still hoovering! Big thanks for some sublime food - the lamb curry in particular was right up there with the best I’ve had!

Fab catching up with most of you - one or two total cunts obviously - and I realise I just didn’t know a couple of people and didn’t find out who the fuck you were. I am a cunt devoid of social skills.

Ta to everyone who helped load the elephant dick speaker cables and other foo gubbins - nothing exceeds like excess!
To be absolutely clear - yes I am overcompensating!

First couple of R2R left me wondering what was broken and then the 7.5ips stuff went on - FUCKING HELL… I get it - all the ballache, faff, uncertainty and heartbreak makes sense now. Do Want.

Then there’s Jim’ main system…

THAT Cocostage - just fucking wow: you know Piotr is going to make something that sounds great, and it truly does, but it also looks stunning in the flesh - easily good enough to grace the wonderful Kronos, and far better than most commercial manufacturers manage.

Then there’s the sound it produces with that system. I’ll keep it simple: I’ve not heard better anywhere outside of live music. Best system. Jim wins at hifi :+1: Not even joking.

I had a fab day, really great to spend some time catching-up with folks I’ve not seen in a good while. Just sad I had to go!

Now, does anyone remember the blues-y LP played shortly before I left that The Average-sized Lebowski thought (rightly) was reminiscent of Otis Taylor? Long shot I know…

Cheers all, and especially Jim and fambly - a great day, and always nice to be reminded that people who are mardy stroppy argumentative dicks behind a keyboard can be absolutely lovely in person! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:




You sure - thought that’s what went on after? :thinking:


I’m not now, been down the pub so the brain is shutting down.

I do remember that album as the imaging was so good.


Just listened to the first song on Tidal and that is the album.


Thanks to @Jim for another great bake off and was great to see everyone again, as above the new phono stage is just stunningly good and I’m not even going to try and put it into words.

That chicken curry with cloves was fantastic but the bacon won the day for me. Obviously nowhere near as good as mine but @browellm shortbread was very very good.

Off now to look for a reel2reel machine on ebay…


Many Thanks Jim and Ann + the girls for making this a really wonderful day. We had a music feast as well as a food feast then went to hifi heaven listening to (Jim’s system) ,also thanks to their friends for providing some of the Indian food …really really tasty…I can’t add any more to what has been already said above except thanks to everybody for such a great time…


Just home, what a great day!

Thanks Jim, Ann, Alice and Flo for your hospitality. The welcome and food were fantastic as usual.

Really enjoyed everyone’s company and the HiFi was really very interesting; a few things there that I haven’t heard before. The R2R playing the Ramsey Lewis Trio at 71/2 ips was epic! One of those HiFi holy fuck moments. It trolled the kronos quite superbly later on in the front room too. Pity that it was pretty much the only tape to play at that speed. You are going to need a couple more (only the two, mind), for audiophile credibility Guy!

That Phono stage though… Everyone knows that Coco makes the bestist HiFi evah but jeezus, this thing surpasses even his high standards and in every way. Awesome.


Jesus, his phono stage might sound OK but his snoring can get to fuck


Yes, yes …reel to real this and that… phonostage blah blah…

How was the shortbread???


They won’t know…probably didn’t touch the sides.