New Year Bake - Sat 13th Jan


You could definitely tell when the amps had got up to working temperature, the Shenanigans certainly started to sing then.


I didn’t really thank all the kit luggers.

From the needle to the decks, speakers and snakes etc.

Like Jim said: standIng room only both sides!


This, took me a while to adjust, then I found them very nice. However, having had the Preda in my system for a couple of days I am getting the same impressive sound from a Colibri into the Vida that was evident from the urishi clad cartridge from @murrayjohnson that wowed us all on @crimsondonkey’s very nice SP10. I feel that @PapaLazarou’s lovely M7 was playing a big role in creating such a nice sounding system also and the Preda is doing the same thing here. I am being constantly amazed how good this Preda is, and the pre it’s replacing is pretty good.


what Pre do you normally use?


Sonic Frontiers SFL2, apart from the Vida everything is balanced.
What is doing my head in about the Preda is that my stax phones sound so much better with the Vida into the Preda then into the st006 with its volume whacked up. Than the Vida straight into the 006.
Less is definitely not more in this case :grinning:


Preamps are funny old things.


the Preda has buffers before & after the autoformers but I wouldn’t describe it/them as characterful in the way some pre-amps can be. It’s pretty unobtrusive really.


I’m putting it down to the superior quality of the volume control used in the Preda compared to the Alps pot in the Stax amp. It seems to be incredibly transparent and hugely dynamic. I am loving the way it sounds with the GM20.


I had my Jeff Rowland Coherence 2 for 15 years thinking that nothing could beat it, but the Preda left it for dead. The true balanced two box version of the Preda is even better :+1: