New Years Eve - AA style

What does the grumpy middle age Meat-Man do to celebrate the New Year?

This one is cooking Mexican, and staying in tonight (dogs are petrified of fireworks).

How about you miserable sods?

Out now for a couple or 3 pints then back to cook steak and chips and listen to some records.

Then zzzz’s

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been in the White Hart Tap for a quicky, then in the St Albans beer shop of a few hours now retired to the farmers boy.

Dinner will be later I think…for now its pork scratchings and stout

We’re off out to a party. I have to say I’m completely underwhelmed by the idea. I was hoping to stay in for a few drinks , takeaway and movie.


Wine then shagging.


I was in there at noon for a cheeky pint

Putting the kids to bed. Nice dinner. Large Chinese black market rocket poised to malfunction for midnight.
Oh, and After eight mints - there will be After eight mints.

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we are in the Farmers Boy if you fancy one!

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do you lick the fondant out?

Working tomorrow so it’s an early night as I have a 4am start.


Champagne (well, random fizz from Tesco’s) cocktails when SiL arrives.

Lamb stew.

Head up to Norwood park with other SiL + grumpy teenage nieces to watch the fireworks above us in Crystal Palace.

Drinks at random intervals during the evening.

Music all the time, I’ll probably be DJing. Going through a bit of a krautrock phase at the moment.


No and Frampton Horsebender won’t be entertaining this either

The After Eight Mint is the pinnacle of sophistication and will be eaten with reverence and grunts of smug well healed satisfaction
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Booze, Music, Booze, Meal with Booze, Music, Fireworks, Booze, Bed

Sorted !

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I’m in my pyjamas already!

I don’t really do New Year, so currently watching the first Minion film and will be early to bed.

I am, however, rather envious of a mate who is spending it in the Tower of London, at the invite of a Beefeater friend of his. That would be cool.


I find the letter E grotesque

Fnarr fnarr

Might need some healing. :smile:

Shouting at jools holland


now that is v. cool