Nexen tyres, any good?

Quick one, need to replace both rears on my 330 urgently and economically, tyre place recommendation is Nexen, apparently oem on some Porsches now?

Anyone had them?

We’ve got them on our Volvo. They seem fine.

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Cheers Mark.

Decent tyres :+1:

I’ve got Nokian’s on my Volvo but they’re more wet weather/ winter over performance.

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Thanks Wayne. That’s the ooni fund emptied then :sob:

You don’t need an ooni, there’s enough of those bought within the AA after @edd9000 's excellent demo at Lopwell, that all you need to do is say you’re having a bakeoff, and some-one will magically appear with one. Sans rolling pin of course.


Shurrup. Want Ooni.

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