Nice Amplifiers

Phasemation MA-2000 300b Mono Power Amps. from Japan.
I can’t see any UK distribution.

£8.4K apparently.

Really? Do they have a Dealer in the UK?

Not that I can find. I did a search and there is a link below

1.2M yen, not sure that is for two or each.

144 yen to the £.

Really nice. I see you have a thing for Japanese esoterica. How many Watts do your horn speakers require or more accurately how sensitive are they?

They are 94db.

I did see some Phasemation cartridges & SUT at Munich so I guess there’ll be a German distributor.
Whether they’ll have imported the amps though, I don’t know.

Did anyone get a pic of that unusual Technics (Matsushita) broadcast DD turntable? Black metal plinth with a lip round the platter like an EMT 927. At the same booth as the refurbed SAEC tonearms.(Fonolab)

Audio Tekne intergrated amp. Horrible colour.

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Nicer than the horrible grey they mostly use.

You’re right!

My Triode TRV-845SE, 20 watts of SET loveliness using 6sn7, 2a3 and 845 valves.


Amazingly (and to my shame) I didn’t. Must have photographed 100 turntables at the show but forgot that one!

Never, ever seen one, or even a pic of one?

Found these on the fonolab fb page