Nice pub / gastropub lunch in Lewes

As per the title, I don’t know the area at all.

Suggestions please.

My mate recommends this place which is 15 mins away.

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He also thinks that The Swan is the best pub in Lewes at the moment and the food is OK. His OK is probably most peoples good.

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The Swan also plays all vinyl, I ate there once a few years ago, don’t remember anything bad about it, but equally nothing outstanding, but that was a while ago.

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The vinyl may have skewed his judgement.

I remember now, I met up with Rich (Dicy from the Wam) and we ate at the Swan before going to a gig on a weekday evening. We struggled to get a table, it was very busy so that is a positive! (Still can’t remember the food!)

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Big plus for The Jolly Sportsman. You’ll probably need to book though.

Not exactly Lewes but not too far away. It’s our go to place as we’re local…

Yep, the Jolly Sportsman gets the thumbs up from me as well. Have been there a few times with friends and it’s never been a disappointment.

Thanks folks. We are / were on foot from the town centre.

The Swan proved to be a very good tip. As @Kevin says, nearly all the tables were booked, and this was basically because the food and atmosphere were very good.