Nick Cave @ Birmingham. Saturday, May 2nd

The wife has decided a work week in Costa Rica is preferable to coming with me.



Arena Birmingham

Sat May 2 2020 - 8:00pm

Block 02 (Lower)/M

2x Seating - £A @ £75.00 + £12.00 Service Fee

So I have a spare. At a push I’d sell both if I had no idea who I’d be sat next to.

(On the very slim chance her conference is cancelled I might retain it and refund. But the work funded flights are paid for and only a pandemic could stop her… ).

Send me a pm if interested.

Hmmm, :thinking:


I’m pondering whether it’s time to bury the hatchet. It has been nearly 40 years. I’m sure he’s a very different person now, as am I. Bitterness can be a curse and maybe it’s time to resolve that pent up frustration and anger. Be the better man.

Nah, fuck that for a game of soldiers :crazy_face:

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Is the stage within bottle-lobbing distance of the seats?

Just sayin’ like.

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Being stralian, if he has a bottle of piss he’s going to stick a Fosters label on it and drink.

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Shame this wasn’t ten years ago before he released all that dreary cack :laughing:

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Decided to sell as a pair.

Shout on one which means anyone else wants one only, I can do that and split.

If you want two you can take both as a preference.