Northampton bake - Sat 22nd April


I will be bringing my new LCR Phono Stage:- The Coco Corp. BTJ Supremo. (although it is nowhere near run in).


Wonder if @Ijrussell will rearrange for Sunday :smiley:


Nick, is it okay if Mike P comes with me?


Really sorry Nick, having said to Gregg that I was free, I have now found out I need to be in Somerset so unfortunately won’t be able to make Saturday. Hope its an enjoyable day and look forward to catching up with some people in Munich.


No worries Mike.


Hope the parking’s ok round you Nick.


That looks ideal for Petes next horn project :smile:


The chilli is ready. Might even have some bacon baps waiting for you too.

Oh and bring some music.


Do you need anything, Nick? Last minute requirements? Cables, adapters,food, drink?


Nothing I can think of Gregg.


It lives :smile:


I see you’ve still got that Head SUT. Is that my old one, Nick?


That’s it Paul still doing sterling service and saving me the temptation of looking at AN offerings:smiley:

The BTJ sounds pretty damn spectacular btw.


Would love to have been today but the olds are over to see us.


If chelseadave is still there can someone let him know I have his amps finished and running now. I could post a pic if you want to see some more ‘instant hernia’ kit and if Dave doesn’t mind, of course.



Please do!


Thug pre-amp bullies scrawny components in the playground.


Dave is requesting photographic evidence.


Here you go

In case you’re curious they’re Doge 9s, but the coupé version. I’ve chopped well over 5kg of metal and glass off each one. But given that they started out at 48kg each they still make my eyes bulge when I have to move them. I can’t lift them up the steps into my workshop so the metalwork had to be done a panel/pillar at a time and the electronics has all been done in the kitchen (somewhat to the grump of Mrs VB).

I do hope Dave’s checked the floor loading at his place !



What was the issue that required modifying the casework?