Northampton bake - Sat 24th Feb


S XSAbout time I had another bake so Sat 24th Feb is free. 10 till 6pm ish. Room for 10.
If the Zingalis and Karan amp sell before then I may need an amp and speakers for the second system but will post up nearer the time. I have some small actives as backup anyway.

Tim & Kate

FULL :slight_smile:


Yes please.

I have some interesting speakers I can bring along.


The ones Edd made?


Yes please.


Yes. They’re lovely little things.


Great would love to hear them. :+1:


Yes please Nick
Happy to bring any of my stuff for the front room system if needed.


That’s a shame Nick. I’m off that weekend but will be celebrating my birthday by being pissed up in Weymouth.


as if you need an excuse :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Troo dat :smirk:


Wouldn’t mind hearing the Totems in the unlikely event you still have them.


Provisonally Sold today - going to Finland.

Mark came on Saturday and resoldered the Proac that was wired out of phase. They sound lovely to my ears. They remind me a bit of the Hecos you had - just very easy to listen to.


Yes please Nick. Could bring Line Stage or Pre Amp.


Yes, please.


Yes please Nick.


Yes please
Me and Kate


Aye, go on then.


Provisional please

I’m working weekends again soon so not sure until tomorrow


Subs bench open


Put me down for the subs bench please