Northampton bake - Sat 24th Feb


Subs bench please Nick


Can you put me on the subs bench also? :slight_smile:


I’m conformed, not working, and may be able to help with second set of speakers all going well…

If you need them.




Thanks Steve. Looks like the Zingalis will still be here and we have Ian bringing the Edd built standmounts so we should be sorted. I will post up if anything changes.


No pressure on them to work or anything.

Just make sure they bring crossovers, not empty cigar boxes…



They’re working jolly nicely at this very moment.


Now there’s an idea for mine.


Can’t make it now. Bugger.


No worries Mark.

@Thickcables I have the buyer of the Karan coming up So that he can take it back home with him. If he can’t make it Barrington you are off the subs bench.


Has anyone got some speaker stands they can bring suitable for bookshelf speakers?


Hasn’t Nick still got his Soundstyle ones?


I have some Ian. The Soundstyle ones that Paul mentioned.

Also it us looking like the Karan and Zingalis may be gone by then so does anyone have an amp they could bring?


I’m bringing Wayne’s amps, so just need a pre, which I can bring too.


As usual I will only be a late morning to mid afternoon visitor due to the dog but I am happy to bring the Modwright pre or my Audiobyte Dac which has volume control - though no analogue input for a turntable to be connected.


@Thickcables Barrington you are off the subs bench.

As well as Ian’s/Edd’s speakers we are likely to have a pair of Boenicke W8s making an appearance. Plus I have my Evolutions if needed so it looks like we have no shortage of speakers.


Thanks for the heads up


Sorry Nick something has cropped up and I cannot make it. Have a good one.


Ok Dave

@Mickyricky You’re in :+1:


Ta :grinning::+1: