Northampton bake - Sat 24th Feb


Sorry Nick but I’m going to have give it a miss - just got shitloads (and a load of shit :persevere:) on my plate at the minute and need to try to get a few things done round the house this weekend.


Could I pop round in the morning Nick. Can only stay for a couple of hours


Ok Paul

Pete feel free to pop round :+1:


@Craig I’ll put you on the list if you can make it as Paul can’t make it

Will pm details to everyone shortly


Sorry Mike I seem to have missed you off the list. Now sorted.


Yes please mate. :slight_smile:


Sorry Nick, I won’t be able to make it. It will make someone on the bench Happy :slight_smile:


:slightly_frowning_face: aww… I was looking forward to seeing your ugly mush John


Cake in manufacture this evening ready for tomorrow.


Never mind JB. Maybe the next one then.




Edds amps and Ians speakers sounding good


@Jim Where are you? The sweetspot has been taken now :smile:


I sense a disturbance in the force.:scream:


Back room system

Front room system


Excellent, I’m looking forward to those amps in my set up :slightly_smiling_face:


Tim’s ultrasonic record cleaner.


Does it toast both sides evenly?


Thanks to Nick for another successful bake off. Sorry I couldn’t stay long.

Two very nice systems on show. Edd’s speakers were very impressive, there are some very talented people on the forum. Some technical discussions going on which I pretended to understand :grinning:

Jim was late so I got to enjoy Nick’s main system from the sweet spot for a while. There’s a nice synergy between the Gershmans and the Karans.

Good to meet some new faces :+1:


Thank you