Northampton bake - Sat 24th Feb


Thanks for hosting another great bake off Nick.


What sort of speed does it rotate at?


It moves at a similar rate to the London Eye, ie not very fast at all.


Thanks to Nick for another grand bakeoff. The renovations he has made to his listening room have been a great success. Lovely sounds coming from his system as usual.

I spent most of the day in the front room listening to the surprisingly mellifluous sounds emanating from the scratch system thrown together on the day.


Had to look that up :thinking: Very apt though. Sounded great. One of the nicest standmounts I have heard in that room.

Good to see everyone btw.


Not sure why I rushed back home.


Superb listening room with silky speakers on spangly granite.
Great chilli and excellent company as always. And some cheeky record cleaning. Tim has nailed the ultrasonic.

Good to see everyone and thanks to Nick for hosting with aplomb.


Thanks for hosting today, Nick. Enjoyed it immensely.


Thanks Nick …Well worth the trip down ! It was a great day …


Thanks for a great day.
Both rooms sounded great.
Kate liked the Oracle turntable,
Great bake off :+1:


New room looks really good, and sounds great as well.
Thanks for looking after us so well Nick.
Front room system worked quite well. Well done DIY’ers.


Superb day, thanks Nick. The Grahame sound as good as the spangly platforms they rested on. Edd and Ian have something serious going on, speaker and amp wise. Did mention the food, chilli, chocolate moose, carrot cake mmmmmmm…


Gutted I missed this now.:tired_face:


Did you get to hear Micky’s didgeridoo record ? I was looking forward to that one.


Yes we did and it was way better than expected there were a few toes tapping.


Micky cleaning his didgeridoo in the kitchen…

Then playing with it!



Do you know what is was called, forgot to take a pic.


Outback I think was the band


I’ve had an album called Dance the Devil away by Outback for a long time. Never seen any others. Was it this one?



Listening on spotify