NOS DAC Question

I bought a NOS DAC from someone on the Ww am few years back (I think it has done the rounds) with the intention of using it with my CA iPod dock, I think I tried it twice, hence I may as well flog it, the problem is I know sod all about it except thatI paid about £120 with the P/S. Can anyone shed any light please?

Any manufacturer’s marks on the board?

Not that I can see Adam.

Look a bit like AN boards

Check for paw prints?


what do the markings I have circled say?

Looks like it say’s, HI FI Megastore


I think it says “made by badgers”


It looks like a Chinese DIY board, looks well enough made, with odd black sticky bits. £100ish seems a perfectly sensible price for that with the PSU.

OK, I’ve found my magnifying glass. It says "WWW.hi fi diy DAC 1543 NOS.

Not sure it will be worth that much if it’s over 470 years old.


Pah! It’s a genuine, bona fide antique :star_struck:

Although IF it’s a genuine Copernicus, it could be worth a lot to the right collector.


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:skull_and_crossbones: :roll_eyes:

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's a plan

Wasn’t one of those Audiosector? ones.