Notes from a remote island


I spotted this on a twitter thread Paul @pmac :+1:


Yes, most people who visit Funzie for the first time pronounce it Funzy whereas it should be pronounced Finny.


I would [shuffles papers and looks away from camera] never do that.


ahem, I just discovered the place “Fowey” we just visited is pronounced “Foy”


I suspect anyone visiting today would be calling it something far worse in the teeth of a force 9 SE wind with accompanying stinging rain.


“Cinting weather !” perhaps ?



That’s funny. :grinning:


Apparently johnny foreigner spells Vienna as Wien. Confused the fuck out of me at first when i was looking at the road signs.


There’d still be a warm welcome in the “Bearded Clam” Funzie’s most notorious nightspot.





Good news for the sarfeners.




Not sure if Cal Mac go as far up as the Fetlar route, but this pic from a photographer I follow on the west coast is worth seeing…


No, the only service up here is run by Northlink Ferries. One a day, Lerwick to Aberdeen. Three days a week they go/come via Orkney.




Music to my ears.


That’s the plan. Accommodation in the cottage is limited, although finishing the room will free up the spare bedroom in the house and there’s a very comfortable Bod half a mile away that sleeps 7 and can be rented for exclusive use for around £70 per night.

New Music Room - Help Required