Deepest condolences Graeme, so very sorry to hear this.

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Thanks for your kind words everyone. They really are a comfort.

Claire died with her brother and me at her bedside. He’d rushed back from Spain, through storm Isha, and made it in time to catch her last few hours. She was peaceful and had said all along that she had minimal pain, for which we were so very grateful. I can’t praise the hospice environment and the staff highly enough.

I’ve had weeks and months to prepare for this and I always knew that I’d find it tough when she was gone. If anything it’s tougher than I feared. Her brother and I tidied her hospice room, gathered her things together and made to head home. But I couldn’t leave her. I had to go back to the bedside. Now I find myself weeping at the slightest prompting. I’m getting through it by focusing on the details and that does seem to be working. My sister and brother and niece are close and a huge support of course. And everyone’s been wonderful. For now I’ve just got to keep on keeping on, as they say.


So sorry to hear this, Graeme.

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Stay strong. We’re all here for you :hugs:


Do the grieving fully and openly. No one of any worth would mind and it’s an essential part of slowly healing the hurt. No brave lip biting. Keep going to that well of despair and bringing a bucketful up. It’ll take a while but things will gradually get better.


That is so often the case, but still one of those things that still goes under the radar. As difficult as it is, having a good start to grieving can help a lot.


If you could try to look for a silver lining, it’s that the period of time you both had in this situation was about as ‘good’ as it could be. You had some time to prepare and make sure you spent the remaining time in the best way you could, while Claire’s suffering wasn’t too prolonged. I’ve had friends and relatives lose loved ones in similar circumstances but it happened either quite suddenly, or over a period of years - and in both cases I think the impact it had was made worse because of it.

I hope this doesn’t sound trite - just trying to provide some words of possible comfort.


So sorry to hear this Graeme, sorry for your loss. If you need anything or just wan’t to meet up for a chat & coffee just let me know, Im just round the corner.

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Please accept my Sincerest condolences Graeme :disappointed_relieved:

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Can’t help but echo what Guy said - there’s no wrong way to grieve, there’s no clock running, no shame, no time for stiff-upper-lips and all that archaic nonsense. People die, love doesn’t, it just leads us where it may and we follow as we must.


Truly heartbreaking to read Graeme.

I don’t know if you can remember but a few years ago at Settle, I was in the process of losing my father and Guy’s words still ring true today six years later, as do yours. I’ll never forget them.

If you ever find yourself up north of the border, back up Morpeth way, and fancy a pint let me know you will always be welcome.

We can knock the cobwebs off Vanessa.

Best wishes my friend.


So sorry to hear your sad news Graeme. My thoughts are with you.

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Sincere condolences Graeme.

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You son of a bitch


Wayne Kramer. :sob:


Oh no not brother Wayne :sob:

True story* I was named after him.

(* may not be true)

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